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QMK compatible USB-C PCB for a Cherry G80-1800

The board has been prototyped and works as intended, while fitting most G80-1800 housings. Rev 1.1 and later should fix all tolerance issues, and fit all G80-1800 (and as far as I know also G81-1800) enclosures. I can, however, not guarantee perfect operation of the PCB or compatibility with every enclosure variation - if you encounter any issues, please let me know. Rev 1.2 has not yet been tested, but changes were minimal - no issues are to be expected. Stock situations as well as component rotations at JLC may change over time and hence I can not guarantee for the BOM/CPL files to work perfectly. Please double-check before ordering!

pcb_bottom pcb_top

Order information at JLCPCB

All relevant files can be found in E80-1800-pcb-universal\jlcpcb. The gerber subfolder contains a .zip file, the assembly subfolder contains the BOM and POS/CPL files needed for assembly. Please double-check all component values and rotations before ordering!

Since jlcpcb usually fails to auto-determine the PCB dimensions: 382 x 160 mm is the correct size.

Consider donating me a few bucks if you order boards :)


  • USB-C (you have to widen the cable hole in the case with a file or similar)
  • Full ESD protection
  • Future-proof STM32F072 with QMK
  • Optional I²C OLED screen in the card-reader-hole on card-reader G80-1800 models
  • SPI header for Bluetooth LE - software support may or may not follow (currently not supported by QMK). The SPI pads can also be used for other expansions such as adding a Solenoid or RGB stripe.
  • Header to connect an optional battery management daughterboard
  • Single color dimmable backlight (3mm LEDs)
  • Silkscreen labels for LED polarity and multi-layout options for easier assembly

The board is fully supported by the QMK master branch: A VIA compatible JSON file can be found in the "VIA" folder of this repo, and the PCB is also fully supported by

Supported layouts

The PCB was designed to support all layout options G80-1800 and G81-1800 were originally available in. I did not include layout options that go beyond those on purpose, since overlapping switch holes lead to wobbly switches (remember, the G80 boards are plateless!) which diminishes the typing experience.

  • Full ISO and ANSI support
  • 1 - 1 - 1 - 6 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 bottom row (with flipped or regular spacebar)
  • 1.5 - 1.5 - 7 - 1.5 - 1.5 bottom row
  • Stepped and regular caps lock

Thanks to

  • Evy for supplying me with her GH80-1800 drop in replacement PCB layout, which I could use for dimensions and measurements - saved me a lot of time! Even if I ended up redrawing the dimensions from scratch and changing a few, being able to use his as a starting point was a lot of help.
  • SMOKEY for motivating me once I lost the will to continue with the project
  • MarvFPV for helping me with the physical PCB dimensions and supplying me with valuable ideas
  • Zitres for organizing and shipping a small-batch closed GB together with me that led to a lot of satisfied users


QMK compatible PCB replacement for Cherry G80-1800







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