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Performance benchmark for Node.js JSON-schema validators.

Also tests against official JSON-schema test suite and checks for validators that cause side-effects on schema or data.

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Validator Relative speed Number of test runs per second
@exodus/schemasafe 100% 19731 (± 10.62%)
ajv 62.3% 12290 (± 18.42%)
is-my-json-valid 37.3% 7367 (± 6.2%)
z-schema 3.6% 705 (± 8.35%)
@cfworker/json-schema 2.3% 458 (± 4.89%)

235 tests are run in each test run.

Validators tested: json-schema-validator-generator (1.1.11), is-my-json-valid (2.20.4), jsen (0.6.6), ajv (6.12.3), themis (1.1.6), z-schema (4.2.3), jjv (1.0.2), djv (2.1.3-alpha.0), skeemas (1.2.5), schemasaurus (0.7.8), jsck (0.3.2), jassi (0.1.2), JSV (4.0.2), request-validator (0.3.3), json-gate (0.8.23), json-model (0.2.24), tv4 (1.3.0), jsonschema (1.2.6), revalidator (0.3.1), json-schema-library (4.1.2), @exodus/schemasafe (1.0.0-alpha.4), @cfworker/json-schema (1.2.14),

(validators not in the results above where excluded because of failing tests - see below for details)

@exodus/schemasafe is currently the fastest JSON-schema validator out there.

The fastest validator has 100%, the rest a lower score relative to the fastest. If a validator has a score of 5% that means that it's speed is 5% of the fastest, meaning that it's 20 times slower than the fastest.

Test failure summary

This test suite uses the official JSON-schema test suite.

If a validator does not pass a test in the official test suite, it will show up in these results.

failing tests

Validator Number of failing tests (click for details)
@exodus/schemasafe 1
@cfworker/json-schema 7
ajv 17
z-schema 18
jsonschema 23
is-my-json-valid 25
jsen 30
json-schema-library 30
jsck 51
tv4 53
themis 56
request-validator 64
skeemas 67
jassi 69
schemasaurus 71
json-schema-validator-generator 75
jjv 86
djv 93
json-model 103
JSV 125
json-gate 208
revalidator 277

Some validators have deliberately chosen not to support parts of the spec. Go to the homepage of the validator to learn if that is the case for these tests.

Side-effects summary

Number of tests that caused side-effects. The schema or data was altered by the validator.

Validator Number of side-effects (BAD)
tv4 13
revalidator 616
json-model 643

Validators not in the list have no side-effects on data or schemas.

Features of validators

Note that these benchmarks and tests do not take into account other more advanced features of the validators. I encourage you to take a look at each validator if you are looking for special features.

Benchmarks by validator authors and others

Several of the validators have build benchmarks themselves. They are more detailed then the benchmarks provided above.

Benchmarks owned by themis

Benchmarks owned by z-schema

Benchmarks owned by jsck

There is also a benchmark suite by cosmicrealms.




Benchmarks for Node.js JSON-schema validators




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