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A node-based Heroes of the Storm match parser
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A node-based Heroes of the Storm parser.


From npm

npm add hots-parser

From Repository

git clone
cd hots-parser
npm install

Updating the Parser

hots-parser relies on heroprotocol.js to access the StormReplay files. These files are pulled directly from the Blizzard heroprotocol repository. If you're running this on a server, you will need to monitor the Blizzard repository and run node node_modules/heroprotocol/postinstall.js to keep the parser up to date.

Note that hots-parser will throw an unverifiedBuild error if I have not personally verified that the new build works correctly with the parser. You'll have to also monitor this module for updates to keep everything updated. It might be best to run postinstall.js after updating this module just to be safe.


const Parser = require('hots-parser')


Parser.processReplay(file, options = {})

Main replay processing function.


file - String containing the path to the replay file.

options - Optional object that can contain the following:

  • getBMData : bool, default true. Set to false to skip parsing all taunts, b-step, spray, and dance events. These options use the gamedata archive, which adds significant processing time as the parser loads and inspects all game events.
  • useAttributeName : bool, default false. Set to true to leave hero names unresolved and use the internal attribute code instead. Hero names are stored in the attr.js file, and will lag behind patches by approximately one day. If you'd like to not worry about new heroes causing problems, you will want to set this to true.
  • overrideVerifiedBuild : bool, default false. Set to true to override the parser's default verification step. This step aborts parsing if the given replay file is too new (on an unverified build). It is recommended to wait until the parser is updated before running any parsing operations in order to account for unexpected or large changes to the replay file format. This setting bypasses this check, and should be run at your own risk.
  • legacyTalentKeys : bool, default false. Prior to version 7, the talents were stored using keys that contained spaces (Tier 1 Choice). The spaces have been removed by default in version 7+ (Tier1Choice). If you are using an application that requires the old keys for legacy compatibility reasons, set this option to true.


JSON object containing result, match, and players keys.

result integer status code indicating success or failure. You want to see a 1 here. See Parser.ReplayStatus for possible values of this field.

match contains information about the parsed match. It gathers team-specific data, and can be linked back to players via the player's ToonHandles.

players contains 10 objects. Each object is keyed by the player's ToonHandle (unique identifier). These objects contain player-specific statistics.

The best way to see the results of these files is to run the parser and inspect the output yourself.


This parser does not allow AI games to be parsed and will throw an error if this occurs.




  • OK = 1
  • Unsupported = 0
  • Duplicate = -1 - This is a holdover from when the parser was part of Stats of the Storm
  • Failure = -2 - If you get this exception and it's not about a missing filepath, please report it. This indicates a general internal exception that should probably be fixed.
  • UnsupportedMap = -3 - Brawls are included in unsupported maps.
  • ComputerPlayerFound = -4 - AI games will not parse.
  • Incomplete = -5 - Partial replay detected. If the parser does not see a core destroyed it will be unable to find a winner and this status will be returned.
  • TooOld = -6 - Related to Incomplete. Usually returned if a winner is unable to be determined from some very old replays, or some recent incomplete replays.


Values from this enum can be resolved into strings by passing it into Parser.StatusString[] (which is an object)


Parser.parse(filename, requestedData[], opts)

Extract specific replay data. Data is returned unprocessed.


filename - the path to the replay file

requestedData - Array containing keys specifying which data to get. Available values are in Parser.ReplayDataType. You can also use shortcuts Parser.CommonReplayData (all data except game events) and Parser.AllReplayData as arguments.

options - object containing the following possible values:

  • saveToFile : string, doesn't exist by default. If this key is present, the replay data will also be written to the specified file.


Object containing the specified replay data. Object keys are values in Parser.ReplayDataType.



Values in this enum correspond with flags given to the reference Blizzard/heroprotocol implementation.


  • game = "gameevents"
  • message = "messageevents"
  • tracker = "trackerevents
  • attribute = "attributeevents"
  • header = "header"
  • details = "details"
  • init = "initdata"
  • stats = "stats"



Returns basic information about the match.


file - path to the replay file


Object containing basic match data. Includes match version, date, players info (including ToonHandles), map, and game mode.

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