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One step to use moodle for serious gaming : text personnalisation. More info for using moodle in gammification (in french) :

This code add filter for LMS Moodle to let Moodle adapt text with personnal user informations.


  1. Copy the files to : /moodle/filter/userinfo
  2. On your moodle instance, go to Administration block > Site administration > Notifications and install the new plugin.
  3. Go to Administration block > Site administration > Plugins > Filters > Manage filters and activate the userinfo filter.

Tested on Moodle 3+.


In any text entered in moodle text arrea (atto), you can use balise like [USER:firstname]. When you are not in edit mod, filter change the balise with the real user firstname.

You can use all user informations inserted in profile page, like :

  • [USER:firstname]
  • [USER:surname]
  • [USER:username]
  • [USER:email]
  • [USER:picture]
  • [USER:institution]
  • [USER:phone1]
  • [USER:country]
  • [USER:...]

But, you can also use user group information :

  • [USER:group_id]
  • [USER:group_name]
  • [USER:group_picture]
  • [USER:group_picture_large]

And optionnal added text fields, asked with Administration block > Site administration > Users > Accounts > User profile fields

  • [USER:profile_field_short_name]

Next step

I hope I could make an atto plugin to insert this balises... Work in progress...