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Django web application to display, annotate, and export digitized books.
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Readux is a platform developed by the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship which allows users to read, take notes on, and publish with digitized texts from libraries’ archival collections. With Readux, users are able to:

  • browse digitized page images,
  • search and select the texts of these digitized books,
  • annotate text or illustrations in these works, and then
  • publish digital copies of the texts with their annotations. Administrators can organize digitized books into collections, facilitating user access to digitized books available through the platform. Since its release, Readux has proved to be an innovative research and pedagogy tool for scholars and faculty at Emory University and beyond, with an array of use-cases ranging from teaching to publishing.





Build status

Build Status

Installation (development)


  1. Python 3
  2. PostgreSQL

Set up development environment

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Navigate to the readux directory.
  3. Create virtual environment and activate it.
python3 -m venv venv
source venv/bin/activate
  1. Install the dependencies.
pip install -r requirements/local.txt
bundle install
  1. Copy and set up your local settings.
cp config/settings/local.dst config/settings/
  1. Add your database settings to the file or set an environment variable. For example:
export DATABASE_URL=postgres://<database user>:<database password>@<database name>
  1. Run the migrations and load the example data.
python migrate
python loaddata apps/fixtures/dump.json

Running local development server

Run the development under https to avoid mix content errors. Note: this will generate a self-signed certificate. There are ways to tell your browser to trust these certs, but that is beyond the scope of this README.

python runserver_plus --cert-file cert.crt

Running the tests

Coverage Status

Readux uses Django's default test framework, but is configured to use pytest.

Your database user will need to be able to create a database:

alter user readux createdb;

To run the tests, simply run:


Readux is configured to use Travis CI. Any push will trigger build.


We use the Git-Flow branching model. Please submit pull requests against the develop branch.

Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

Tech/framework used

Build with Cookiecutter Django

Mirador for displaying and annotating IIIF images.

??? for exporting.


This software is distributed under the Apache 2.0 License.


Use the fork of Wagtail Autocomplete because of UUID.

When importing with Import-Export

Import Collections, then Manifests, then I Servers, then Canvases. Annotations will populate based on Canvases. When importing collections, images for the "Original" field must already be in the apps/media/originals/ folder. List originals/filename.jpg in the column for original.

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