Test performance of various ecs systems for Unity3d
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Unity3d ECS Test

The project was created to generate the same code for different ECS and determine their performance.
Currently supported: Leopotam/ecs and sschmid/Entitas-CSharp
The python is used to generate c# code (components, matchers\filters, systems, reactsystems and observe staff)


You may build Unity Project scene SpeedTest.unity
Default test data 100 components, 150 react systems, 50 execute systems, 15 component on Entity, 3 component on matcher\fiilter, 2 filed on component and create method for 1000 entity

Gen New Test Data

1 Change TestsGen.py init method.
2 Run TestsGen.py on Python 3.6
3 Move files from output folder to Unity.

For sschmid/Entitas-CSharp you need regenerate code by Roslyn or
1 remove all prev code
2 Add Components code (SchmidComponents.cs)
3 Generate Entitas code
4 Add Systems code


Samsung Note4 - .net 4.6 - mono

Init Leo All Sys 0.3292427
Register Components Creators time 0.05782318
Add Leo entitys 1.627518
Add Leo entitys 0.04668808
Add Leo entitys 0.05204391
Run Leo Single Run time 1.292656
Run Leo Iterations_1000 time 0.8216705
Run Leo Iterations_1000 time 0.7718582
Run Leo Iterations_1000 time 0.7668533

Init Schmid All Sys 0.4264908
Add Schmid entitys 1.385193
Add Schmid entitys 0.207962
Add Schmid entitys 0.1805954
Run Schmid Single Run time 0.2443848
Run Schmid Iterations_1000 time 0.9331589
Run Schmid Iterations_1000 time 0.9488602
Run Schmid Iterations_1000 time 0.9467239

Sony Z2 - .net 4.6 - mono

Init Leo All Sys 0.3697891
Add Leo entitys 2.928162
Register Components Creators time 0.08101654
Add Leo entitys 0.09676743
Add Leo entitys 0.07318878
Run Leo Single Run time 2.367935
Run Leo Iterations_1000 time 1.282661
Run Leo Iterations_1000 time 1.190426
Run Leo Iterations_1000 time 1.125175

Init Schmid All Sys 0.5503559
Add Schmid entitys 2.360914
Add Schmid entitys 0.322649
Add Schmid entitys 0.3149166
Run Schmid Single Run time 0.2741528
Run Schmid Iterations_1000 time 1.163706
Run Schmid Iterations_1000 time 1.165791
Run Schmid Iterations_1000 time 1.121704

Nexus 7 2013 - .net 4.6 - mono

Init Schmid All Sys 0.9919453
Add Schmid entitys 5.318306
Add Schmid entitys 0.3611946
Add Schmid entitys 0.3336716
Run Schmid Single Run time 0.5344353
Run Schmid Iterations_1000 time 2.477386
Run Schmid Iterations_1000 time 2.275867
Run Schmid Iterations_1000 time 2.476757

Init Leo All Sys 0.9149895
Register Components Creators time 0.1374359
Add Leo entitys 4.183792
Add Leo entitys 0.09326172
Add Leo entitys 0.1141663
Run Leo Single Run time 4.31012
Run Leo Iterations_1000 time 3.024178
Run Leo Iterations_1000 time 2.765144
Run Leo Iterations_1000 time 2.551315
Run Leo Iterations_1000 time 2.623993