[C++] Code repository for my robot computer vision/mapping research. Uses OpenCV for camera control. Communication is done over serial. Linux/Unix-only. All of my code is licensed under the GPL3.
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==== About ====

	This is a Linux-based C++ program designed to work with the Robotics 
	Connection Serializer hardware, but it could easily be adapted to work with 
	the Arudino, or any other robotics hardware. 

	The main program controls the robot hardware and intercepts input from a 
	variety of sources:

		* Keyboard
		* Joystick (eg. PS3 or Xbox controllers)
		* A remote PC (over TCP) -- currently a work in progress

	By keeping hardware concerns apart from AI code, we can easily and 
	separately maintain a distinct set of computer vision/AI applications that 
	communicate with this program in order to drive the robot.

	Robotics Connection Serializer website:
	* http://www.roboticsconnection.com/p-16-serializer-robot-controller.aspx

	I'll likely upgrade the code to work with Arudino in the near future. 

==== License / Copyright ====

	This code is licensed under the GNU AGPL 3, but can probably be licensed 
	under other terms if you contact me. 

	Copyright (c) 2008 - 2010 Brandon Thomas
	http://possibilistic.org | echelon@gmail.com