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A simple game created by Eric for Elias during KrampusHack 2020.

Elias wished for a game that includes a holiday theme, features lights, and is non-violent. I took several liberties in how I interpreted his wishes, but the result is a game which features basic Christmas themes (a snowman and name-dropping "Christmas"), additive blending for simple lighting, and obstacles contextualized as being hearts comprised of hopes and dreams (non-violent, right?). I hope you enjoy. :)


Move left and right with the left arrow and right arrow keys, and toss snowballs and close prompts with the z key.

How to Install

This game is written in JavaScript and is designed to be played within a Web browser (tested in Chrome 87 and Firefox 84). However, due to security concerns and limitations imposed by CORS, loading resources via the file:// scheme is not permitted. As a result, serving the game from a local Web server is necessary for loading bitmaps and samples. Any old HTTP server should do, but if you run into issues, the game can also be played on my site.


This game is available under the MIT license. See for details.

This game is powered by Poyo, which is also available under the MIT license.

Musical Attribution

Jingle Bells by Kevin MacLeod