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Jakarta Security Compatible Implementation (CI)



Soteria can be built by executing the following from the project root:

mvn clean package

The API and combined API/implementation jars can then be found in /api and /impl respectively.

Sample applications

In /test a number of sample applications are located that each demonstrate a specific feature of Jakarta Security. The folder is called /test since these double as integration tests.

The sample applications are build when the main build as shown above is executed. By default these applications are build for a target server that is not assumed to already provide a Jakarta Security implementation (like a compatible Jakarta EE server would). In that case the Soteria jars are included in the application archive.

Alternatively the sample applications can be build for a server that does provide a Jakarta Security implementation. In that case the Soteria jars are not included in the application archive. This can be done using the provided profile as follows:

mvn clean package -Pprovided

There are 4 CI targets provided to test Soteria against:

  • payara
  • wildfly
  • tomee
  • openliberty

Testing against any of these is done by activating the maven profile with the same name. E.g.

mvn clean install -Ptomee,bundled

Testing against glassfish (which provides soteria integration): mvn clean verify -Pglassfish,provided


Soteria currently runs fully on any of these Jakarta EE Compatible Products.

It runs mostly on TomEE 8.0.5 or above. "Mostly" means here that some features don't work because of bugs in the servers. These bugs are likely going to be fixed in newer versions.