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Californium project
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Californium (Cf) CoAP framework

Implements RFC7252

Californium is a Java CoAP implementation for IoT Cloud services. Thus, the focus is on scalability and usability instead of resource-efficiency like for embedded devices. Yet Californium is also suitable for embedded JVMs.

More information can be found at and


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Use mvn clean install in the Cf root directory to build everything. Executable JARs of the examples with all dependencies are copied to ./run/.

Californium in Maven Project

To use Californium as library in your projects, add the following dependencies and Maven repository to your pom.xml (without the dots):

      <name>Californium Repository</name>


The project also includes the project files for Eclipse. Make sure to have the following before importing the Californium (Cf) projects:

Then choose [Import... » Git » Projects from Git » Local] to import californium into Eclipse.

Without Any Maven Support

In case you are using plain Eclipse projects without Maven, you also need to clone and import the element-connector. Add this project to Properties » Java Build Path » Projects.

Interop Server

A test server is running at coap:// The root resource responds with its current version.

Another interop server with a different implementation can be found at coap:// More information can be found at

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