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microprofile samples

Microprofile Showcase Application

General information

The application consists of several Microservices and a Web-Application managing a conference :

Microservice Name Powered By Description Technologies


Payara Micro

Schedule of the conference



WildFly Swarm

Sessions of the conference



Apache TomEE

Speakers of the conference



WebSphere Liberty

Votes for each session

JAX-RS, CDI, JSON-P, MP Config, MP Fault Tolerance, MP Metrics, MP Health


Apache TomEE

Frontend UI

Angular2, Bootstrap4

The WebApp is a direct subscriber to the individual Microservices. This means that there is no aggregator / middle-man application. The WebApp itself provides a known relative EndPoint microservice that enables the lookup of URLs to the other services.

Quickstart - Run all services and UI in separate runtimes

This will run each service in the runtime container that its setup for and the UI in a Node.js server to interact with them.

Build, package and run all microservices and the UI:

mvn clean package -P start,ui

Run just the microservices:

mvn package -Pstart -pl :microservice-start

Run just the UI:

mvn package -Pui -pl :microservice-start

Running on Liberty

To run all the services on individual WebSphere Liberty servers add the 'liberty' profile to the command:

mvn clean package -P start,ui,liberty
mvn package -P start,liberty -pl :microservice-start

Development Build

mvn clean install -DskipTests
  • Build the projects using Maven (mvn clean install) or (mvn -fn clean install) to skip over failed tests.

  • To get the technical documentation, just mvn clean generate-resources under the docs directory. You will find a PDF and HTML version of the documentation under docs/target/generated-docs

Development Tests

mvn clean test

Run Individual Services

Each service can run on any container (this is the Microprofile guarantee), but the service projects have been written by vendors to use their container. See the README.adoc of each microservice for details on how to run each microservice individually.

Getting involved

If you would like to participate in the community effort to advance EE then by all means feel free to join us on the following sites:

Common problems/bugs

NPM issues

The web-application project uses the com.github.eirslett:frontend-maven-plugin to download and install all node and npm requirements. Sometimes this may fail if console permissions are not permissive enough.

In such cases you will have to manually install some reqiurements:

  1. Download and install node: https://nodejs.org/en/download/current/

  2. Install npm manually:

cd web-application/src/main/static
npm install npm
npm install typings --global
typings install --global


This application is a collaborative demonstration application by:

  • WebSphere Liberty

  • London Java Community

  • SouJava

  • Red Hat

  • Tomitribe

  • Payara