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microprofile samples

MicroProfile - Samples

Purpose of these samples

Give different examples using the MicroProfile :

  • Canonical Simplest sample using JAX-RS 2.0 / CDI 1.2 / JSON-P 1.0

  • Swagger Adding Swagger to the canonical sample


Clone the git repository:

To build these examples you can just :

  • mvn clean install does not run any test

  • mvn clean install -Plicense,skipTests checks the licenses and does not run any test

Formatting Code

To format / re-format code call :

  • mvn clean compile -PformatCode formats the source code and does not run any test


These examples use Arquillian Tests. By default, Arquillian uses WildFly embedded, but other forms of containers can also be plugged in.

  • mvn clean test -Pwildfly-swarm tests against a WildFly Swarm

  • mvn clean test -Parquillian-wildfly-managed tests against an embedded WildFly

  • mvn clean test -Parquillian-wildfly-remote tests against a running WildFly

  • mvn clean test -Parquillian-tomee-managed tests against an embedded Apache TomEE

  • mvn clean test -Parquillian-tomee-remote tests against a remote Apache TomEE


You can package a WAR file and deploy it on your application server. Once deployed and up and running, just go to http://localhost:<portNumber>/msTopCDs to invoke the microservice. You should get a list of random "Top Rated CDs" in JSON format, such as :

        id: 1101
        id: 1147
        id: 1112
        id: 1132
        id: 1168

But you can also use other forms of packaging to execute this services

WildFly Swarm

Package the samples with WildFly Swarm using the following Maven command :

  • mvn clean package -Pwildfly-swarm

This will create an executable JAR under the target directory. Just execute it with java -jar target/microprofile-sample-canonical-swarm.jar and invoke the microservice at http://localhost:8081/msTopCDs