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Contributing to Eclipse Mraa (libmraa) {#contributing}

Eclipse Mraa is an opensource project and we are actively looking for people to help with:

  • Writing platform supports for all types of boards running linux
  • People to extend the functionality, API with useful functions
  • Anything we haven't thought about :) Ideas always welcome!

The accepted method to contribute is to fork the project on Github and open pull requests with your changes. You can open issues if you find any bugs/have questions. If you want to work on a large feature then we suggest you file an issue first so we can avoid disappointments come merging time!

Basic rules

  • Your code must build
  • Commits must have a sign-off line by at least yourself
  • Commits must be named <file/module>: Some decent description
  • Try not to break master. In any commit.
  • Try to split commits up logically, you will be asked to rebase them if they are not.
  • Try to stick to the established coding style regardless of your personal feeling for it! Use clang-format (3.6+ required)

Coding Style

Coding style for all code is defined by clang-format, have a look at it. Avoid styling fixes as they make history difficult to read. Javascript & Java can also be parsed through the clang-format, it complains but seems to do an ok job. Few exceptions to coding styles:

  • All python code is indented by 2 spaces
  • CmakeLists files are 2 space indented and a space is required before all brackets so endif () and if () and command (). Also use lowercase for everything but variables. Cmake is case insensitive but this isn't the wild wild west ;-)

Use common sense and don't be afraid to challenge something if it doesn't make sense!

Author Rules

If you create a file, then add yourself as the Author at the top. If you did a large contribution to it (or if you want to ;-)), then fee free to add yourself to the contributors list in that file. You can also add your own copyright statement to the file but cannot add a license of your own. If you're borrowing code that comes from a project with another license, make sure to explicitly note this in your PR.

Eclipse Contributor Agreement

Your contribution cannot be accepted unless you have a signed ECA - Eclipse Foundation Contributor Agreement in place.

Here is the checklist for contributions to be acceptable:

  1. Create an account at Eclipse.
  2. Add your GitHub user name in your account settings.
  3. Log into the project's portal and sign the "Eclipse ECA".
  4. Ensure that you sign-off your Git commits.
  5. Ensure that you use the same email address as your Eclipse account in commits.
  6. Include the appropriate copyright notice and license at the top of each file.

Your signing of the ECA will be verified by a webservice called 'ip-validation' that checks the email address that signed-off on your commits has signed the ECA. Note: This service is case-sensitive, so ensure the email that signed the ECA and that signed-off on your commits is the same, down to the case.

Where to find us

Hop onto the freenode network on IRC and join #mraa. Please be patient as we're not always online.