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sibeon and wimjongman Bug 548149 - Allow min/max date to show the allowed range (#99)
in the Calendar and to limit wrong selection

Signed-off-by: Stefan Nöbauer <>
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Nebula and Opal: Rich SWT Widgets

Welcome to the Eclipse Nebula project. This repositority contains a large set of UI elements that can be used in Fat or Thin client applications based on Java and SWT.



We can accept you patches if you have signed the Eclipse Contributors Agreement (ECA) which ensures users of these libraries that they can use your code without getting into any legal trouble.

For every patch we require a corresponding Bugzilla issue.

Building on our build server

After admin approval, pull requests gets build by these two jobs:

Building locally

git clone
cd releng/org.eclipse.nebula.nebula-release
mvn verify

cd releng/org.eclipse.nebula.nebula-incubation
mvn verify (or install to install in the local maven repo)

More info can be found on the the builds page

New Committers

Before you decide to contribute your code to Eclipse, keep in mind that your code must follow the EPL, Eclipse's Public License.
This means that committers and contributors need to follow some rules.

A good overview of what this entails and how this affects you can be read here

There are a number of ways you can contribute.

  • A new project inside Nebula
  • New widgets in the Nebula Release project (production ready).
  • New widgets in the Nebula Incubation project.
  • Maintain existing widgets

If you choose the first option please contact the Nebula lead through the mailing list and make your intentions clear. Then continue to read on this page.

New Widgets

The 'New Widget' process is described here:

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