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Vorto provides a Web Editor that lets you describe the device functionality and characteristics using a simple Vorto language (Vorto DSL) and save them as Information Models. These models are then managed in a Vorto Repository. Code generators convert these models into device - specific "stubs" that run on the device and send Information Model compliant messages to an IoT Backend. In order to process these messages in the IoT backend, Vorto offers a set of technical components, for example parsers and validators. For devices sending arbitrary, non-Vorto, messages to an IoT backend, the Device Payload Mapping Engine helps to transform these messages to platform-specific IoT Digital Twin API's, such as for Eclipse Ditto or AWS IoT Shadow.

Getting started with Vorto

The easiest to get started, is to take a look at our Getting Started Guide

Developer Guide

Repository Java Client

Search and access Vorto models as well as generate code using the Repository Java Client

Repository Import API

If you want to manage other existing (standardized) device descriptions with the Vorto Repository, you can extend the Repository by providing a model importer using the Importer API.

Device Payload Transformation Engine

Map arbitrary device payload, expressed as JSON or binary, to standardized data, that is described by Vorto Information Models. See Payload Mapping Documentation for more information.


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Contribute to the Project

When you create a Pull Request, make sure:

  1. You have a valid CLA signed with Eclipse
  2. All your commits are signed off (git commit -s)
  3. Your commit message contains "Fixes #<Github issue no>
  4. Target to merge your fix is development branch