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J2V8 is a set of Java bindings for V8. J2V8 focuses on performance and tight integration with V8. It also takes a 'primitive first' approach, meaning that if a value can be accessed as a primitive, then it should be. This forces a more static type system between the JS and Java code, but it also improves the performance since intermediate Objects are not created.

We developed J2V8 as a high performance engine for our multi-platform mobile toolkit tabris.js and it is a great choice for executing JavaScript on Android devices.

Building J2V8

Building J2V8 requires building both the native parts and the Java library (.jar/.aar file). To build the native parts we first build V8 as a monolithic library and then statically link J2V8 to that. The Java parts are built with maven/gradle.

J2V8 uses a cross-platform, cross-compiling build-system written in Python.

For any further build instructions & details please read




Other Resources

Here is a list of articles I've written on J2V8

Who is using J2V8?

Here are some projects that use J2V8:


The code is published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0.