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Rails Templater

This is a template which allows creating new Ruby on Rails 3 applications quickly using some opinionated defaults. It is inspired by ffmike's BigOldRailsTemplate Rails 2 template project. To use templater with your Rails apps, use the -m switch when creating your application:

After cloning the rails-templater to your hard drive, you can generate a new app like so:

If you want to use Active Record with MySql: rails new application_name -JT -d mysql -m /path/to/rails-templater/templater.rb

If you want to use DataMapper: rails new application_name -JOT -m /path/to/rails-templater/templater.rb

For use with RVM (recommended)

To have a hermetic gem environment, it is advisable to create a gemset just for your new rails app. To create a new rails app with its own gemset:

  • Clone rails-templater to your hard drive

  • Run the bootstrap.rb file with the RVM installed rubie and the name of your app as arguments

    ruby /path/to/rails-templater/bootstrap.rb [rvm-rubie] [name of new app]

This will:

  • create a new gemset in the RVM rubie you specified and give it the name you chose for your app
  • change into the new gemset (start using it)
  • install the bundler and rails gem into your new gemset
  • run the command to generate a new rails app with the name you picked

Note that the line to generate the new rails app assumes that you want DataMapper/Sqlite3. If you intend to use Active Record, then just change the last line in bootstrap.rb from

system("rails new #{app_name} -JOT -m #{template_file}")


system("rails new #{app_name} -JT -m #{template_file}")

Generated Application

Rails Templater will generate the following:

Ruby on Rails

  • Uses Haml as the template engine
  • Uses Sass for generating CSS
  • jQuery for JavaScript over Prototype
  • Optionally uses Compass for design with the blueprint/semantic framework


  • Uses DataMapper as the default ORM
  • Optionally uses Active Record as the ORM


Note on Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Send me a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.