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The Fortran IFS and Arpege Toolkit


FIAT is a collection of selected Fortran utility libraries, extracted from the IFS/Arpege model.

  • drhook : tracing
  • gstats : timing
  • parkind : choose precision
  • mpl : MPI communication
  • mpi_serial: MPI dummy symbols compiled into static library
  • other various routines


FIAT is distributed under the Apache License Version 2.0. See LICENSE file for details.

Installing FIAT

Supported Platforms

  • Linux
  • Apple MacOS

Other UNIX-like operating systems may work too out of the box.


Further optional dependencies:

Building FIAT

Environment variables

$ export ecbuild_ROOT=<path-to-ecbuild>
$ export MPI_HOME=<path-to-MPI>
$ export fckit_ROOT=<path-to-fckit>
$ export CC=<path-to-C-compiler>
$ export FC=<path-to-Fortran-compiler>
$ export CXX=<path-to-C++-compiler> 

You must compile FIAT out-of-source, so create a build-directory

$ mkdir build && cd build

Configuration of the build happens through standard CMake

$ cmake ..

Extra options can be added to the cmake command to control the build:

  • -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=<Debug|RelWithDebInfo|Release|Bit> default=RelWithDebInfo (typically -O2 -g)
  • -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<install-prefix>

More options to control compilation flags, only when defaults are not sufficient

  • -DOpenMP_Fortran_FLAGS=<flags>
  • -DCMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS=<fortran-flags>
  • -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=<c-flags>

Once this has finished successfully, run make and make install.

Optionally, tests can be run to check succesful compilation, when the feature TESTS is enabled (-DENABLE_TESTS=ON, default ON)

$ ctest

Reporting Bugs