Diver to convert tuio touch events into windows touch events. Started as GSoC 2012 project.
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Driver to convert tuio touch events into windows touch events. Supports both Windows 7 & 8. Started as GSoC 2012 project. EcoTUIODriver uses the vmulti project.

Original Authors: Rajat Goyal(gyl.rajat@gmail.com) and Bill Hamilton(luin.uial@gmail.com) Liscense: LGPL


  1. Download the source.

  2. Run the installer (EcoTUIODriver.exe in top level directory).

##Configuration Utility

If you used the installer, the configuration utility will automatically be added in your startmenu and desktop. Otherwise you can manually locate it at $INSTALL_DIR/executables/Configuration/Configuration_Utility.exe


Start the service to convert TUIO events to windows touch events.

EcoTUIODriver supports up to 5 TUIO sensors simultaneously on distinct UDP ports. Sensors may be mapped to displays by hitting the "ASSIGN DISPLAYS TO SENSORS" button, which runs a native windows mapping utility.

EcoTUIODriver in action:

EcoTUIODriver is being used with CCV, Touch Frames, LeapMotion and Wii.

ZeroTouch Windows 8

LEAP Motion demo: Visualizer, Windows 8

"The Leap" Windows 8 touchless tests

Windows 8 + CCV 1.5 + multitouch