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An alternative to an Elgato Stream Deck.

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What is this about?

Streamdeck is an app and a python script, developed by two students from Germany, which allows you to use your Phone to remotely control the open-source screen recording program OBS. The app is built entirely with the open-source framework Flutter. The python script on the other hand serves the server and runs inside of OBS to handle the requests coming from the app.

Why Streamdeck?

  • Open Source
  • Built only with open source technology
  • No big tech companies involved
  • Nice and intuitive interface
  • Resource-efficient
    • No software running in the background, except a small Python script
  • Easy setup
  • No external software to install


You will find the entire documentation, covering various topics, here.


We always liked the idea of streaming, so we wanted to try it as well. The only problem was that, even though we had two or even three monitors, we would get lost quickly in our streaming setup. That is where normally an Elgato Stream Deck would fit in perfectly. But of course, we did not want to pay for it, so we built it ourselves. And this is how Streamdeck was born.


  • Muting audio
  • Switching to a scene
  • Hiding a source
  • Toggle your stream on and off
  • Toggle your recording on and off
  • Pause and resume your recording
  • Cross-platform
    • App:
      • Android
      • (iOS) coming soon
    • Computer:
      • Linux
      • Windows
      • macOS

Roadmap / TODO

Contributions and Suggestions are very welcome :)

  • iOS support
  • iOS documentation
  • Add images to this documentation

All todos are on our GitHub pages issue tracker (here)


Contributions are very welcome! You can find a guide on how you can contribute here.


The creators and maintainers of this project are Jonathan Kron and Leo Kling. Here are their socials:


Streamdeck is released as open source software under the GPL v3 license, see the LICENSE file in the project root for the full license text.

Streamdeck has been developed by Jonathan Kron and Leo Kling.