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Experimental version forked from Barry Gently's project at 

Initial check-in of unmodified latest 2.1 source release from Sourceforge is in 2.1 branch.

This version includes the gentlyWeb-utils sources in the project so that a separate jar isn't necessary.

Ed Anuff (ed at

Original README text

Read the user manual for details on how to use JoSQL.


for details of the latest changes, improvements and fixes.

Usage, ensure that JoSQL-X.Y.jar and 3rd-party-jars/gentlyWEB-utils-X.Y.jar are in your classpath.

Also, please note that JoSQL falls under the Apache V2.0 license (a copy of which is found in this distribution), as does the gentlyWEB software (the jar is in 3rd-party-jars).  Please contact me: barrygently at (Gary) for a copy of the source.  It will soon be released on sourceforge as well (one thing at a time!).