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a simple backbone-based webapp to demonstrate the power of mixing backbone, couchdb and coffeescript.
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A simple sample WebApp that is empowered by

  • Backbone.js
  • CoffeeScript
  • CouchDB

Running the Application

There are two ways to run the sample, run it as a local application or run it as a couchApp.

Run as local application

Make sure you are running couchdb, and a database named todos has been created. Then simply open index.html with Safari. You must use Safari to open it. No Chrome, no Firefox. This is due to stronger security requirement of non-Safari browsers that prevents the script from loading data from CouchDB without some configuration on the CouchDB side.

Run as couchApp

A simple couchApp is included in the todos directory. It is created by copying the HTML, JavaScript and CSS files to the _attachement folder of the default couchApp.

Inside the todos directory, run couchapp push. You will see something like this

2011-05-25 10:37:33 [INFO] Visit your CouchApp here:

Open that URL to see the app in action.

Building the Application

The code is pre-built. If you want to build on your own, run make. You must have

  • coffee (npm install coffee-script after installing node.js and npm)
  • (optional) compass (gem install compass)
  • (optional) haml (gem install haml)
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