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Archived copies of the CRAN Repo Policy
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Archived copies of the CRAN Repo Policy


This small project started out as simple monitoring of the single webpage which was done with a few lines of R detecting whether or not the page changed. If so, the new version was logged, and an email and a tweet were sent. This is what I made public on 23 Oct 2013.

Gábor Csárdi sent me an email mentioning the actual SVN repo of the CRAN web site. The repo contains the actual source, so on 24 Oct 2013 I added a new shell script to retrieve all versions still in the SVN repo (going back Dec 2011). I will update the monitoring script to simply use SVN as well.

So for now, the best view of the evolution may be the history of the texi source, eg via

Twitter Updates

You can follow @CRANPolicyWatch on Twitter to receive a tweet whenever a change in the CRAN Repo Policy is detected and reported.


The scripts in this repo were written by Dirk Eddelbuettel


GPL (>= 2)

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