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A ridiculously simple avatar generator with initials from names.
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If this is of use to you, please consider starring ⭐ because it essentially makes me look like a more compotent being.

So, basically, I kept coming across these ridiculous "initial orientated" avatar generators and thought it was stupid how they felt the need to generate and process an image (PNG) when the same thing could be done in a stupidly simple way (I spent more time on the documentation page) via outputting an SVG which also coincidentally (🤭) allowed requests to be processed far quicker. The creation of such has allowed me to offer a free API service for this process, too. Anyone may access this helpful tool whether testing or pushing to production and can do so here.

If you're interesting in developing this further or making the documentation look better, feel free to do so and create a pull request 🙏 . Obviously the tiny back-end can be found in index.php and the documentation page (along with it's CSS) in index.html.

You're welcome.

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