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What is this?

This is a (slightly modified) clone of the official Material Design palette generator. It does a couple things:

  1. Builds you a full color palette from a given hex color
  2. Provides you with complementary colors based off your primary color

Both are based on Material Design standards, and use Google's algorithm for color derivation.

Why is this?

Google's official palette generator is embedded and buried deep within the Material docs. Since it's an inline tool, it's also hidden from search engines, making it difficult to discover or bookmark.

To make it a little easier to access and to preserve it for my own future use, I grabbed the obfuscated code (the original scripts do not appear to be public anywhere) and added some small interface improvements. I did not change the way colors are derived.


Support this project

This tool will always be free but your support is greatly appreciated.

Feedback and contributing

If you notice a problem or want a feature added please file an issue on GitHub. You can also just email me the details.

If you're a developer and want to help with the project, please comment on open issues or create a new one. Once we agree on a path forward you can just make a pull request and take it to the finish line. No big whoop.


  • Hi, I'm Michael Edelstone. You might also be interested in the Tint & Shade Generator, another useful color tool I made.
  • Most of this is copyright Google Inc. If you do anything with their code, please maintain the licenses they indicate at the top of the large files.
  • You can use any of my modifications without credit, except...
  • Favicon image courtesy of Roundicons and pulled from If you reuse it, please continue to credit the creator.

Many thanks to Ziya Fenn and Mateusz Skórka for their valuable contributions to this project.


It's just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Run it locally on your favorite server.