[Neo Columbus] CSS and HTML style guide
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[Neo Columbus] CSS and HTML style guide

Generate CSS:

$compass compile

Topics to discuss

Media Queries

  • Retina
  • Responsive
  • Jerry: I've found waiting to the end to do these is wayyy more difficult and soul crushing.

Class naming

  • Avoid IDs
  • Avoid element types Example: p.error, li.item
  • Aim for shallow nesting (or no nesting) of selectors

Example Bad Nesting:

.thing {}
.thing .title {}
.thing .title .sub-title {}

Example Good:

Better for performance and maintenance. Less chance of selector collisions.

.thing {}
.thing-title {}
.thing-sub-title {}

Standardize on box model?

  • box-sizing: border-box;

How do we solve the stale CSS problem?

Too much crap gets left behind. Overrides from standard styles get messy and there is no standard place to put them.

Generic components should go in their own files. Page specific styles (and their component overrides) go in their own files.

CSS is just like any other code, it needs maintenance. Probably more.

  • _button.css.sass
  • _popover.css.sass
  • _post_edit_page.css.sass
  • _post_new_page.css.sass

Avoid writing unnecessary markup

  • More to maintain
  • harder to manipulate
  • Could be the source of some unused styles