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Eddie Hedges' Django Boilerplate
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Eddie Hedges' Django Boilerplate

This is my personalized django project boilerplate. I made it to make starting a new project quick and efficient.

I would like to site my sources and inspiration for the project below:

Without the above sources my boilerplate would not have been possible.

I use virtualenv with virtualenvwrapper for local development and have written a short bash script that starts a project for me to develop locally in one simple command: mkdjangoproj myproject.

Here is the script:

mkdjangoproj () {
    mkproject --no-site-packages --prompt=$1: $1 &&
    git init &&
    git pull master &&
    rm &&
    pip install -r requirements.txt &&
    chmod +x
    ./ new_secret &&
    ./ syncdb &&
    ./ runserver

The boilerplate comes with a sample app that can be renamed, modified, or deleted it is basically only there for reference.

So once I run the mkproject function from my bash it does a number of things:

- Creates a virtualenv and project with the same name to be pythonic!
- Initializes the project as an empty git repo and pulls the boilerplate from github.
- Removes the file.
- Installs django, south, and fabric.
- Makes executable and creates a new secret key, runs syncdb, and starts the local dev server.

Here is a list of the bare minimum files that NEED edited before deployment besides normal development:

- httpd-vhosts.conf
- httpd.conf

For deployment, redeployment, and more see and read code.

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