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Runtime Dependency

  • PCRE2 (>= 10.00, since version 0.12.0)

Installing From a Binary Package

Windows binary packages can be downloaded here.

Windows users can also install EditorConfig core by Chocolatey.

Debian (Jessie and later): apt-get install editorconfig

ArchLinux: pacman -S editorconfig-core-c

Mac OS X users can brew install editorconfig with Homebrew. Generally Linux users can also install with LinuxBrew by brew install editorconfig.

Manually Install from Source

(To build on Windows: Since it's usually a lot harder to manually build on Windows, see the section "Automated Build on Windows" for an easier way.)

In principle, you should be able to build the source using any C compiler that is C99 compliant (i.e., virtually any C compiler that is not archaic). Before installing, you need to install the building tool cmake (version >= 2.8.12) and dependency PCRE2. To install cmake and pcre with package manager:

  • Arch Linux: pacman -S cmake pcre2
  • Homebrew on OS X: brew install cmake pcre2
  • Ubuntu/Debian: apt-get install cmake libpcre2-dev

Make sure cmake is in your PATH environment variable. on Windows, you also need to build PCRE2 from source. If you want to build the MT version of this library, after running cmake . in the PCRE2 source directory, please replace all occurrence of "MD" with "MT" in the CMakeCache.txt.

Switch to the root directory of editorconfig and execute the following command:

cmake .

If successful, the project file will be generated. There are various options could be used when generating the project file:

If this option is on and doxygen is found, the html documentation and
man pages will be generated.

If this option is on, the executable will be linked statically to all
libraries. On MSVC, this means that EditorConfig will be statically
linked to the executable. On GCC, this means all libraries (glibc and 
EditorConfig) are statically linked to the executable.

-DINSTALL_HTML_DOC=[ON|OFF]             Default: OFF
If this option is on and BUILD_DOCUMENTATION is on, html documentation
will be installed when execute "make install" or something similar.
e.g. cmake -DINSTALL_HTML_DOC=ON .

If doxygen could not be found automatically and you need to generate
documentation, try to set this option to the path to doxygen.
e.g. cmake -DDOXYGEN_EXECUTABLE=/opt/doxygen/bin/doxygen .

-DMSVC_MD=[ON|OFF]                      Default: OFF
Use /MD instead of /MT flag when compiling with Microsoft Visual C++. This
option takes no effect when using compilers other than Microsoft Visual
C++. Note that the option chosen here must be consistent with PCRE2.
e.g. We want to use /MD instead of /MT when compiling with MSVC.
cmake -DMSVC_MD=ON .

On UNIX/Linux with gcc, the project file is often a Makefile, in which case you can type "make" to compile editorconfig. If you are using a different compiler or platform the compilation command may differ. For example, if you generate an NMake Makefile and you want to use Microsoft Visual C++ to build editorconfig, then the build command would be "nmake".

After the compilation succeeds, use the following command to install (require root or admin privilege):

make install

This command will copy all the files you need to corresponding directories: editorconfig libraries will be copied to PREFIX/lib and executables will be copied to PREFIX/bin.

Note that you have to use ldconfig or change LD_LIBRARY_PATH to specify the PREFIX/lib as one of the library searching directory on UNIX/Linux to make sure that source files could be linked to the libraries and executables depending on these libraries could be executed properly.

Automated Build on Windows

Requirements on Windows are Visual Studio 2013, 2015 or 2017, cmake 2.8.12 or higher and Powershell 3 or higher. For Visual Studio the community edition is sufficient, but the C++ workload is required.

Non-static build is currently not supported.

Download pcre2

You have to download and extract the pcre2 sources after checkout.

~> ./init.ps1 [-pcre 10.32]


-pcre  Optional; pcre2 version to download.

Build Library

To build pcre2 and editorconfig core library in one step use the -init and -install arguments at the same time.

~> ./build.ps1 -init -install

The -init argument will generate the required cmake build files for Visual Studio. This is required after initial checkout or CMakeLists.txt changes. The -install argument will put the binaries to a location (bin/$(ARCH)-static/build) that the editorconfig project can find and link the library. This folder can be used to distribute the build binaries. For the other arguments please see below.

~> ./build.ps1 [-proj all | core | pcre2] [-init] [-install] [-vsver 15 | 14 | 12] [-arch x64 | x86] [-config Release | Debug]


-proj Optional; Project to build.
-init Optional; (Re)Generate cmake build files, required first time or on `CMakeLists.txt` changes.
-install Optional; Install to `bin/$(ARCH)-static/build` folder.
-vsver Optional; Visual Studio version (major version number) to use.
-arch Optional; Architecture to build for.
-config Optional; Debug or release build.

Build pcre2 Library

~> ./build.ps1 -proj pcre2 -init -install

Build EditorConfig Core Library

~> ./build.ps1 -proj core -init

Run Tests

On Windows the test utf_8_char is disabled.

~> ./test.ps1 [-arch x64 | x86] [-config Release | Debug]


-arch Optional; Architecture to build for.
-config Optional; Debug or release build.