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EditorConfig makes it easy to maintain the correct coding style when switching between different text editors and between different projects. The EditorConfig project maintains a file format and plugins for various text editors which allow this file format to be read and used by those editors. For information on the file format and supported text editors, see the EditorConfig website.


This is the README file for the EditorConfig C Core codebase. This code produces a program that accepts a filename as input and will look for .editorconfig files with sections applicable to the given file, outputting any properties found.

When developing an editor plugin for reading EditorConfig files, the EditorConfig core code can be used to locate and parse these files. This means the file locator, INI parser, and file globbing mechanisms can all be maintained in one code base, resulting in less code repetition between plugins.


See the file for instructions.

Getting Help

For help with the EditorConfig C Core code, please write to our mailing list. Bugs and feature requests should be submitted to our issue tracker. If you find any security bugs, please send them privately to hong AT topbug DOT net -- they need to be embargoed before fixed.

If you are writing a plugin a language that can import C libraries, you may want to import and use the EditorConfig library directly. If you do use the EditorConfig core as a C library, check the documentation for latest stable version for help. The documentation for latest development version is also available online.


Unless otherwise stated, all files are distributed under the Simplified BSD license. The inih(src/lib/ini.c and src/lib/ini.h) library is distributed under the New BSD license. src/lib/utarray.h is distributed under the Revised BSD License. The See LICENSE file for details. Some code in src/lib/misc.c is distributed under their own license (see the source file for details). See the LICENSE file for details.