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EditorConfig Java Binding

This directory is for EditorConfig Core Java Binding.

EditorConfig Project

EditorConfig makes it easy to maintain the correct coding style when switching between different text editors and between different projects. The EditorConfig project maintains a file format and plugins for various text editors which allow this file format to be read and used by those editors. For information on the file format and supported text editors, see the EditorConfig website.

How to use EditorConfig Core in Java

Add the editorconfig-core dependency to your pom.xml file:

      <version><!-- lookup the newest version on --></version>

A basic example:

EditorConfig ec = new EditorConfig();
List<EditorConfig.OutPair> l = null;
try {
    l = ec.getProperties("/home/user/src/editorconfig-core-py/");
} catch(EditorConfigException e) {

for(int i = 0; i < l.size(); ++i) {
    System.out.println(l.get(i).getKey() + "=" + l.get(i).getVal());

There is an online documentation for API details.

Build EditorConfig Core Java librarary

Prerequisistes: Java 6, Maven, Git, cmake 2.6+ (optional for tests)

Checkout the code

git clone

Build the library with Maven:

cd editorconfig-core-java
mvn clean install

The built jar file is in the target directory.

Run the testsuite

First make sure that the submodule is initialized:

cd /path/to/editorconfig-core-java
git submodule init
git submodule update

Then prepare and run the tests using cmake:

cmake .
ctest .

How to Contribute

Pull requests are welcome on GitHub.


All source files of the Java binding are distributed under the Apache license. See LICENSE for details.

Copyright (C) 2012-2013, EditorConfig Team