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EditorConfig jEdit Plugin

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This is an EditorConfig plugin for jEdit.


Install from jEdit Plugin Manager (Preferred)

  1. Launch the jEdit plugin manager. It's in Plugins - Plugin Manager....

  2. Click on the Install tab, find EditorConfig in the plugin list. Check it and click on the Install button.

If you have problem using the Plugin Manager, you can also download the binaries from here.

Install from Source

  1. Make sure that submodules are checked out and up-to-date:

    git submodule update --recursive --init
  2. Download ant and install it.

  3. In the EditorConfig jEdit Plugin project root directory, get the jEdit build-support files:

    svn co build-support
  4. Copy to Edit the file and modify jedit.install.dir to the jEdit installation directory in your system.

  5. Switch to EditorConfig jEdit Plugin project root directory and run ant.

  6. If succeeded, Plugin should be built in build/jars/. Copy build/jars/EditorConfigPlugin.jar and build/jars/editorconfig.jar to your jEdit plugin directory (this should be ~/.jedit/jars on UNIX and ${JEDIT_INATALLATION_DIRECTORY}/jars on Windows).

  7. If jEdit is running, restart jEdit.

For example, on Debian, the commands are like this:

$ sudo apt-get install ant git
$ git clone git://
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ cd editorconfig-jedit
$ svn co build-support
$ cp # Copy build properties and modify jedit.install.dir as needed
$ ant
$ cp ./build/jars/*.jar ~/.jedit/jars

Supported properties

The EditorConfig jEdit plugin supports the following EditorConfig properties:

  • indent_style
  • indent_size
  • tab_width
  • end_of_line
  • charset
  • root (only used by EditorConfig core)

In addition, this plugin also supports a specific property which is only valid for jEdit:

  • jedit_charset

The usage of this property is similar to charset, but the value is the encoding string defined by jEdit, and is case sensitive. If both charset and jedit_charset are present, only charset will be used.

Bugs and Feature Requests

Feel free to submit bugs, feature requests, and other issues to the main EditorConfig issue tracker.


EditorConfig plugin for jEdit




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