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Interactive map for ETS2 and ATS based on Leaflet
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VTLog Map

This repository contains all the necessary files for running an interactive ETS2/ATS map, similar to the one hosted in This is an old version of the original map that I keep functional because it's easier for new people in the world of ETS2/ATS development and JavaScript. The missing features from the live one are:

  • The animations by the players in their movements
  • The orientation of players so all players are showed as dots
  • The event system (specific of VTLOG)
  • The more-VTC system (specific of VTLOG)

Handled GET parameters

These one below can be used in every map, even in

    value: steam_id
    use: focus immediately on a user with the indicated steam_id, if online
    example: ets2.html?follow=76561198212562517
        frame -> draw controls are hidden
        minimal -> hides everything
    example: ets2.html?mode=frame
    value: 0 <= integer <= 8
    use: set the initial zoom of map that goes from 0 to 8 where 0 is the minimum zoom
    example: ets2.html?zoom=4
        false -> prevent map dragging
    example: ets2.html?draggable=false
        false -> prevent map zooming
    example: ets2.html?zoomable=false

These one below can be used only in the actual website.

        false -> prevent map to load livetracker data (so dots won't be showed)
    example: ets2.html?realtime=false
    value: job_id
    use: this will load the events of the provided job and will show them with their location
    example: ets2.html?job=577276
    value: vtc_id
    use: shows only people of a certain vtc
    example: ets2.html?vtc=11

Want to have the map of your VTC in your website using VTLOG? You can put an iframe in your website linking to the map with these URLs:

  •<your_vtc_id_here> for ETS2
  •<your_vtc_id_here> for ATS

You can find your vtc_id in the URL of the VTC's home page with the format https://<your_vtc_id_here> If you have any problem in retrieving your vtc_id you can contact us on our Discord server.

Obviously you can append many parameters using the standards of the Query Strings. Example: ets2.html?vtc=11&mode=frame

Player data format

This represent how JS expect to receive a request following the format of VTLog's tracker.

    "response": {
        "clients": [{
            "steamid": 99999999999999999,
            "data": {
                "job": {
                    "destination_city": "Le Mans",
                    "source_city": "Cassino"
                "trailer": {
                    "wear": {
                        "chassis": 0.0209917742758989
                "truck": {
                    "brand": "DAF",
                    "fuel": 325.123107910156,
                    "name": "XF",
                    "position": {
                        "x": -34914.2133712769,
                        "z": 8721.51288986206
                    "speed": 87.0046539306641,
                    "wear": {
                        "cabin": 0.0135743953287601,
                        "chassis": 0.0169679969549179,
                        "engine": 0.011621574871242,
                        "transmission": 0.00822832621634007,
                        "wheels": 0.0234782714396715
                "username": "edo.g"
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