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The engine for live chats with customers
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Live Chat Engine

Open source system for live chats with visitors (customers) in any site. Contains server-side (chats storing, users and billing management), operators cabinet for chatting and chat form for site's visitors.

Chat Form on a site: Operators Cabinet

Operators Cabinet: Operators Cabinet

Two work modes

Software as a Service (SaaS mode)

In SaaS mode clients create accounts for themselves and pay monthly bills. This mode is ready for production usage and enabled by default.

Example of implementation:

Other popular examples: olark, livezilla, boldchat and others

Tool for Other System (Tool mode)

In Tool Mode admin creates accounts, user can be only a operator, no monthly bills. You can use Tool Mode for single site with own hosting for example.

To enable this mode change:

  • before build open file /components/cache-remote/extra/net-props/
  • or after build open file /build/_servers/chat-central-server/net-props/
  • change prop 'toolMode' to true


  • Java 8
  • PostgreSQL or default H2DB (included to the build)
  • Windows (tested on Win7) / Linux (tested on Ubuntu)

How to build

  • download last version
  • check Java version (print "java -version" in a console)
  • start build.bat (win) or (linux)
  • on BUILD SUCCESSFUL message see /build/_servers dir
  • copy all files from /build/_servers to your work dir
  • run all components by single runner: run-all.bat (win) or (linux)
  • open browser with url for access to index page
  • sign in to cabinet with admin / admin login and password

Engine components


Included database server by default. Use for tests. For production use PostgreSQL.

Run by /run.bat (

By default H2 creates ~/livechat db file.


Server for caches and synchronization.

Run by /run.bat (

Configs and logs:

  • / - configs for central server
  • /net-props/* - common configs for all servers
  • /server.log - logs


Web server for site and operators online cabinet. Powered by Tomcat 7 Web Server.

Run by /bin/run.bat (

Configs and logs:

  • /conf - web server conf (see Tomcat docs)
  • /webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/ - special front app configs
  • /logs/catalina.log - logs


Storage for chats accounts. Powered by Tomcat 7 Web Server.

Run by /bin/run.bat (

Configs and logs:

  • /conf - web server conf (see Tomcat docs)
  • /webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/ - special node app configs
  • /logs/catalina.log - logs
  • /data/accounts - created chat accounts


Simple deployment scheme

Only one instance of front and node servers:


Production deployment scheme

Load balancer (for example: nginx) for multi front instances, new storages for new accounts:


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