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LCSH SKOS webapp
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id is a django project for serving up LCSH authority data as SKOS RDF, JSON and HTML. Once upon a time it was the prototype code for the service running at, but it has since been superseded. It is here in GitHub mainly for historical reasons, and also to keep the MARC -> SKOS mapping, which could be useful for some purposes in the future.

The paper LCSH, SKOS and Linked Data has some background information, on why this project was done.


  1. install python
  2. install mysql
  3. python build # should install python dependencies
  4. echo "CREATE DATABASE id CHARACTER SET utf8; GRANT ALL ON id.* to '{username}'@'localhost' identified by '{password}';" | mysql -u root -p
  6. update MEDIA_ROOT in to be the full path to the static directory
  7. change AUTHORITIES_URL as appropriate in
  8. python syncdb
  9. echo "ALTER table authorities_concept ADD FULLTEXT INDEX concept_fulltext_index (pref_label);" | mysql -u {username} -p id
  10. python load_marcxml marc.xml
  11. python runserver
  12. go to http://localhost:8000/authorities


Public Domain

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