Asynchronous Differential Evolution, with efficient multiprocessing
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Asynchronous Differential Evolution, with efficient multiprocessing

Differential Evolution (DE) is a type of genetic algorithm that works especially well for optimizing combinations of real-valued variables. The ade Python package does simple and smart population initialization, informative progress reporting, adaptation of the vector differential scaling factor F based on how much each generation is improving, and automatic termination after a reasonable level of convergence to the best solution.

But most significantly, ade performs Differential Evolution asynchronously. When running on a multicore CPU or cluster, ade can get the DE processing done several times faster than standard single-threaded DE. It does this without departing in any way from the numeric operations performed by the classic Storn and Price algorithm, using either a randomly chosen or best candidate scheme.

You get a substantial multiprocessing speed-up and the well-understood, time-tested behavior of the classic DE/rand/1/bin or DE/best/1/bin algorithm. (You can pick which one to use.) The very same target and base selection, mutation, scaling, and crossover are done for a sequence of targets in the population, just like you're used to. The underlying numeric recipe is not altered at all, but everything runs a lot faster.

How is this possible? The answer is found in asynchronous processing and the deferred lock concurrency mechanism provided by the Twisted framework. Read the detailed tutorial at to find out more.


Copyright (C) 2017-2018 by Edwin A. Suominen,

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