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Member Counter

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Member Counter is a Discord bot which lets you easily display counts and other dynamic information in a channel name or topic, to get started, add this bot to your Discord server and type mc!setup, and then read mc!guide to learn how to make more cool stuff with the bot.

See also the documentation to learn about every feature of the bot


Read this guide to setup this bot using docker:

Development environment

Software requirements

Clone the bot and install dependencies

git clone -b dev
cd member-counter-bot
npm install

Create a .env file

Create a .env file from the .env.example file:

cp .env.example .env

Open .env with a text editor and set at least DISCORD_CLIENT_TOKEN with your development bot token

Remember that you can't hot-reload this file, you must fully restart the bot to apply new changes

Starting the bot

npm run dev:docker

Now you can start editing the code, when you save a file the bot will be reloaded automatically

Adding/editing text

In English:

  • To add or edit a string, you must do it in the ./src/lang/en_US.json file, after that, you may want to run npm run generateLPTypings to avoid compilation errors

In other language:

  • To add a string: First add it in english in the ./src/lang/en_US.json file, then commit the file to the dev branch and it will be available in the translation project in the next 10 minutes
  • To edit a string: You must do it trought the translation project, if your language isn't there, contact me and I will add it



Stage your changes and add a short and descriptive commit message


The following tasks will be run automatically when you create a commit

  • Create language pack typings with npm run generateLPTypings
  • Prettify the code
  • Stage the previous changes

Do a pull request

Now just create a pull request to the dev branch, and we will review it as soon as possible

Happy coding!