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Vision for GitHub Classroom

Phase 1: Build a strong, extensible ecosystem:

  • Expand content platform with Assignments and teacher content contributions.
  • LTI and Google Classroom integration.
  • GitHub Classroom API.

Phase 2: Classroom allows teachers to assess student work with live feedback:

  • First-class support for teacher feedback.
  • Leverage existing tooling to auto-grade student submissions.
  • LMS integration can provide a fully automated pipeline from submission to grades in teachers' LMS.


Phase Theme 1 Theme 2 Theme 3
Extensible ecosystem “I want to integrate Classroom into my existing automated tooling.” “I want less manual work when using Classroom with my LMS.” “I want to find the best exercises for my course.”
Live feedback "I want to be able to provide feedback to my students via" "I want to run my testing suite on student submissions to grade automatically."
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