Allows you to find duplicated files on a folder.
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Allows you to find duplicated / empty files on a folder and creates a report of those files
This was created during a innovation time, so there's tons of space for improvements!

How to use it?

Simple Usage : find-trash-files.exe "inputFolder" "outputLocation"
Advanced Usage :

Disable UI:

find-trash-files.exe "inputFolder" "outputLocation" -disableUI

Servermode (instead of an excel format the ouput is a txt):

find-trash-files.exe "inputFolder" "outputLocation" -servermode

Filter (allows you to filter file formats / folders):

find-trash-files.exe "inputFolder" "outputLocation" -filter ".js,folderBlalala,.cake"
Example : find-trash-files.exe "C:\Projects\projectFolder" "C:\Projects"

What do the symbols / colors mean?

There are 3 phases

Phase 1 - Finding Files and pre-checking
The program is detecting the files in the inputed folder and creating the data to later on parse them After that is complete, it will detect possible duplicated files
= File is not duplicated / empty (White)
Duplicated file found (Red)
Duplicated image file found (Dark red)
Phase 2 - Comparison
The program will now compare the current file with the all the possible duplicates
Compared duplicated files (Purple)
Phase 3 - Cleanup
In this phase, the program will prepare it self to generate the excel / text output
File ready for output (Green)
Image ready for output (Red with !!)

How can i contribute?

Easy! Fork the project, add your changes / improvements and create a pull request!