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Please License

You put in a github username and it makes some API calls and looks at that user's public repos. It naively looks for LICENSE information, README files, and CONTRIBUTING files at the top level of the repo.

My design goal is to have everything run on the client side.

Future Work

  • Repos missing LICENSE get a button to file an issue with a pre-filled "LICENSE files are cool" template
  • Repos missing README files get a button to file an issue, and a button to fork and open a PR with the README file in the editor pre-populated with issue tagline and name
  • Repos missing CONTRIBUTING files get a button to file an issue, and a button to PR a standard CONTRIBUTING file that says to contact the core contributor (based on gh stats), or copies an existing CONTRIBUTING file if it's an org
  • Maybe something about CONDUCT?

Other Neat Stuff

``_ auto-files issues on crates with one of [Apache2,MIT] license suggesting they dual-license