An Xcode4 plugin to view the internal goings-on of Xcode
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Xcode Explorer

This is a plugin project that allows you, as a developer, to explore the various events and notifications that Xcode4 emits during normal operations.

There is some supplemental information that can be found in a the following posts:


Installation is extremely simple.

  • Download the project
  • Open it in Xcode
  • Perform a build (this will automatically build and install the plugin)
  • Restart Xcode


The plugin adds a menu called Explorer that has a couple of menu items that you can choose from.


Selecting this menu item will open a floating window that you can use to view the notifications as they occur. You can enter some comma-separated regular expressions into the text field to exclude notifications that you don't care about (for example, it is unlikely you will want to see most of the NSxxxx notifications, so it defaults to excluding them using the pattern NS.*).

Be careful with your regular expressions. If you type in an invalid one, it just silently ignores it.

View Clicker

This allows you to click around on the various Xcode controls (buttons, text, etc) to see where they are located in the hierarchy (and what type they are). When you click on a view/button/textfield, it displays the view hierarchy.