The BToolkit, a toolkit supporting software development with the B-method.
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The BToolkit is a toolkit supporting software development with the B-method.

The B-Method was initially devised by Jean-Raymond Abrial during his time at the Programming Research Group at the University of Oxford. Then the B tools were developed at BP Research. BP assigned the rights for these tools to B-Core (UK) Ltd. The B-Toolkit was developed at B-Core by Ib Sorensen and David Neilson from 1992.

The source code to the B-Toolkit has been posted in memory of Ib Sorensen. Ib Sorensen - In memoriam

B-Core no longer supports or maintains the B-Toolkit.

About B

B is a generic term given to a method of software development, the B-Method, its process and notation and to its supporting toolset, the B-Toolkit.

B is a sound, mathematically-based technology for application within a practical Software Process.

The B-Method is designed to provide a notation and a method for requirements modeling, software interface specification, software design, implementation and maintenance, thus supporting the major phases of a software process. Incremental construction of layered software as well as its incremental verification and validation are the guiding principles of the B-Method.

The B-Toolkit supports the B-method over the entire software process and comprises a large suite of tools which can run automatically or interactively. The tool supports the incremental construction of the software. The validation processes are supported by static analysis, by dynamic analysis using simulation, as well as proof of correctness using an integrated theorem prover (the B-ToolProvers).


The tool itself is licensed under the BSD 2-clause license.

The source code that is used as the implementation for library machines and may form part of the source code that is output from the tool, is licensed under the Boost Software License.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or even to say what you might use the BToolkit source for.

See my homepage for details.

Help documents

The Toolkit's help documents can be found here.


  • Software Engineering with B ISBN 978-0201403565
  • The B-Method: An Introduction ISBN 978-0333792841
  • Specification in B: An Introduction Using the B Toolkit ISBN 1-86094-018-8
  • Introduction to the B Abstract Machine Notation ISBN 9780077090142
  • Spécification formelle avec B ISBN 2-7462-0302-2
  • The B Language and Method: A Guide to Practical Formal Development ISBN 978-3-540-76033-7
  • The B Book ISBN 978-0521021753


Installation instructions can be found in INSTALL

If it doesn't make sense, please feel free to get in touch.

See my homepage for details.