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Beautify is a PHP-function which combines four text tools into one function

  • Markdown: Simpler and more readable than HTML
  • SmartyPants: Adds better typography (curly quotes, ellipsis...)
  • GeSHi: Adds syntax highlighting to source code
  • Dot: Converts the Dot graph language to SVG and VML

For more information, read Beautify: Markdown, SmartyPants, GeSHi and Dot combined.

Remark about VML: IE8 does not support SVG. It does support VML, Microsoft's own vector format, but only without standards support (so no doctype). See KB932175. So you have to chose between standards support and VML support. #facepalm

Copyright 2012 Edwin Martin

License: MIT or GPL

To get Beautify:

git clone

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