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1.00 Added view template functionality
1.10 Added Chinese support
1.11 Added Japanese support
1.12 Added Korean support
1.13 Updated to fpdf.rb 1.53d.
Added makefont and fpdf_eps.
Handle \n at the beginning of a string in MultiCell.
Tried to fix clipping issue in MultiCell - still needs some work.
1.14 2006-09-26
* Added support for @options_for_rfpdf hash for configuration:
* Added :filename option in this hash
If you're using the same settings for @options_for_rfpdf often, you might want to
put your assignment in a before_filter (perhaps overriding :filename, etc in your actions).
1.15 2009-11-20 Rails 2.* support - Thanks to Prawnto plugin for showing the way to the new TemplateHandler