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Repository of GSOC 2017 GFOSS Project for extending the DonationBox project


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DonationBox Network.

Google Summer of Code 2017.

License: GPL v3 MariaDb SQLite3 python3 django1.11 djangoApp PHP HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript shell ubuntu openVPN coverage-95%

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Description of the Donation-Box Project.

The main purpose of the project is to modernize the so called donation boxes, to keep pace in the new digital era. This will achieve by implementing all the necessary infrastructure to create ultimately a decentralized (from specific donations boxes) network, where all donation boxes are interconnected and can be managed from a central node. This work modernizes the concept of a traditional donation box.

What I have done.

To achieve this decentralized system, and we can manage the donation boxes ( at least initially in part ) remotely, we designed and implemented the following parts of the DonationBox Network:

lines of code Commits

What’s left to be done.

It should be to updated the central database of the system, according to the DonationBox-Network standards, to be enriched with further information which will increase the capability and flexibility of the DonationBox-Network. After that, the responsible API daemon for communicating with the central database should be upgraded.

Furthermore, in all the above parts of the system (which are explained in detail), you will notice my suggestions for Future.

Do you want to contribute?

If you like this project and do you want to contribute to it, a good starting point is to read this guide. It's a small guide to how to create your own workspace. We hope to help you and we will try to upgrade it if you find it helpful.

In any case, we are open to your suggestions!


Working on Google Summer of Code was an amazing and unique experience. I need to thank both Diomidi Spinelli and Dimitri Koukoulaki for mentoring me on this project. With their comments on my code, you made this project even more enjoyable and interactive. I think this is one of the most beautiful features of open source. I also want to thank the Open Technologies Alliance - GFOSS community which I had the pleasure to working with her. Finally, I would like to thank and congratulate Google for the Google Summer of Code, and the experience it offers us.

Thank you.


  • May 5 - 19 [ Identifying, understanding and integration in the existing system. ]

  • May 20 - 21 [ Installation of infrastructure & start design Wordrees Plugin. ]

  • June 1-30 [ Implementation of Wordpress Plugin ]

  • July 1 - 12 [ Implementation of API for sending data ]

  • July 13 - 24 [ Implementation of API for receiving data ]

  • July 25 - 28 August [ Implementation of website ]

  • August 29 [ Finish ]

See the detailed timeline here.

Mentors :

Student :