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This is the beginnings of a roguelike, set in the Flora universe.

You will need:

  • Python 3.3+. Python 2 does not and will never work.

    • urwid
    • zope.interface
    • enum34 (if you're using Python 3.3)
  • A Unix-like terminal. My dev environment is Linux, but flax should work fine in OS X or Cygwin or similar. It will not work in the Windows console. I also strongly suggest you use a terminal emulator that supports 256 colors.

  • A monospace Unicode font. flax uses text graphics, but it does not (currently) restrict itself to ASCII. I've limited myself to characters that actually fit within a character cell, and I believe Bitstream Vera Sans Mono and DejaVu Sans Mono include all the glyphs I use. I'm interested to hear if particular objects give you trouble, but I don't intend to look into font support too deeply while the game is still in flux.

If you don't know the Python ecosystem, you can pretty much just do this (assuming you have Python 3 and pip already):

$ pip3 install --user git+
$ flax

Or you can run directly from a source checkout with:

python3 -m flax


The arrow keys move in the four cardinal directions. You can also use the numpad to move diagonally.

If you try to move into a monster, you will attack it. If you try to move into a door, you will open it.

Key Function
> go down (stairs, etc.)
< go up (stairs, etc.)
, pick up items
i view inventory
q quit


Python 3 roguelike, based in the Flora universe, for real this time (maybe)




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