Current-fed dual inductor converter with wide input and output voltage range
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Eagle files
Gerber files
EEZ CF-DIC r5B6 Sheet1of3.png
EEZ CF-DIC r5B6 Sheet2of3.png
EEZ CF-DIC r5B6 Sheet3of3.png
EEZ CF-DIC r5B6.pdf
Feryster QR Flyback custom transformer.pdf

Current-fed dual inductor converter (CF-DIC) project files

Inspired by article Filho, Barbi (1996), A comparison between two current-fed push-pull DC-DC converters-analysis, design and experimentation and made with great assistance of Dragoljub Aleksijević (aka Macola).

Block diagram

Feature list

  • Wide AC input 85 – 265 V
  • Wide DC output: 2.5 – 52.5 V
  • Max. current 5 A continuously (max. power up to ~260 W)
  • Output voltage controlled by tracker circuit or optionally with multiturn trimpot if fixed output voltage is required
  • Cascaded PWM Controller LM5041B (sync buck + push-pull stage)
  • Isolated HV power ground and signal ground for improved noise immunity
  • HV buck section with high performance SiC MOSFET switches
  • High performance Vitroperm 500F core material for power transformer
  • Synchronous rectifier with low R(gs,on) MOSFET switches
  • Active Duty cycle limiter
  • Over-voltage (OVP), short circuit protection and over-temperature protection (OTP) with latch and opto-isolated open-collector "Fault" output
  • Four bias power supply outputs: +6 V, -8 V and "floating" +12 V / -12 V
  • Over-current protection (OCP)
  • f(sw,buck)= ~68 kHz, f(sw,pp)= ~34 kHz
  • QR flyback as bias power supply (VIPer35)
  • Compact size (155 x 90 mm)

r5B4 prototype

PCB top layer

PCB top layer