Feed-forward Bloom filters
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This is the implementation of a feed-forward Bloom filter.  It provides
extremely fast fixed-pattern matching for up to millions of patterns
(similar to the functionality of 'fgrep').

AUTHORS: Iulian Moraru and David Andersen
        School of Computer Science,
        Carnegie Mellon University

For details about the algorithm and citations please use the article
"Exact Pattern Matching with Feed-Forward Bloom filters" by Iulian Moraru and David G. Andersen
URL: http://www.siam.org/proceedings/alenex/2011/alx11_01_morarui.pdf

We have used an older version of the algorithm for malware scanning. Details in:
"SplitScreen: Enabling Efficient, Distributed Malware Detection"
URL: http://www.usenix.org/events/nsdi10/tech/full_papers/cha.pdf


Repository structure:


    The implementation of a feed-forward Bloom filter for the x86 architecture.


    The implementation of a feed-forward Bloom filter for CUDA.


    A compilation of hash functions that we've tested for the feed-forward Bloom filter.