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Shows your Discord notifications, because Ripcord kinda doesn't.


Companion app for Ripcord to supplant its notification system.

Targets Linux, but should work on Windows (only tested in Wine, albeit with some systray issues).

  • Uses regular Discord notification settings.
  • Displays notifications (w/ avatar) through your OS.
  • But not when Ripcord is focused.
  • Plays a sound (comes with Discord and Skype sounds)
  • Shows an icon in the system tray

Ripcord is an amazing alternative Discord client, largely because native programs tend to be snappier.

However, its notifications support is rather lacklustre, without a sound, and in plain text. Heck, until recently it didn't even tell you the name of the sender. Unfortunately it's closed source shareware, so I can't go in and tweak it to my liking.


Latest pre-built binary



From source

git clone
cd discord-notify
go generate && go install

(simply doing go install as normal won't work because I'm using replace in go.mod for now... sorry)


$ discord-notify -h
Usage of discord-notify:
        List available built-in sounds.
  -sound string
        MP3 to play on notifications (default "disc")
        Show an icon in the system tray (default true)
  -t string
        Discord token

$ discord-notify -sound skaip -t
$ discord-notify -sound none -t -systray=false # muted with no system tray

There's no installer so just create a startup script that executes discord-notify with the token and sound you want.

You can pass in the token with -t, or for convenience put it in a file called discord.token in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or one of XDG_CONFIG_DIRS.

e.g. On Linux it can go in ~/.config/discord.token or /etc/xdg/discord.token, and on Windows it should be %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\discord.token

Built-in notification sounds can be selected through the system tray as well, but the chosen one is not saved as there's no mutable config yet. Custom sounds have to be passed on the command line because I haven't integrated a filepicker yet.