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// # Go Routines
// Ignore-On
package strings
import (
// ## Simple Goroutine
// A goroutine is nothing more than a regular function that is
// run asynchronously by prefixing it with the `go` keyboard.
// For example: `go myfunc()`.
// In the below example, the `execOrder` strings captures
// the actual order of execution
func Test_GoRoutines(t *testing.T) {
// This function waits for a number of seconds and then appends
// an identifier to the `execOrder` string.
wasteTime := func(sleepSeconds int, execOrder *string, id string) {
time.Sleep(time.Duration(sleepSeconds) * time.Second)
*execOrder = *execOrder + id
execOrder := "A"
go wasteTime(7, &execOrder, "E") // will run last
go wasteTime(5, &execOrder, "D") // will run second
go wasteTime(3, &execOrder, "C") // will run first
execOrder = execOrder + "B"
// Wait 10 seconds to allow all goroutines to run.
time.Sleep(time.Duration(10) * time.Second)
execOrder = execOrder + "F"
// Assertions
assert.Equal(t, "ABCDEF", execOrder)
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