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Default error handling plugin for egg.


$ npm i egg-onerror


egg-onerror is on by default in egg. But you still can configure its properties to fits your scenarios.

  • errorPageUrl: String or Function - If user request html pages in production environment and unexpected error happened, it will redirect user to errorPageUrl.
  • accepts: Function - detect user's request accpet json or html.
  • all: Function - customize error handler, if all present, negotiation will be ignored.
  • html: Function - customize html error handler.
  • text: Function - customize text error handler.
  • json: Function - customize json error handler.
  • jsonp: Function - customize jsonp error handler.
// config.default.js
// errorPageUrl support funtion
exports.onerror = {
  errorPageUrl: (err, ctx) => ctx.errorPageUrl || '/500',

// an accept detect function that mark all request with `x-requested-with=XMLHttpRequest` header accepts json.
function accepts(ctx) {
  if (ctx.get('x-requested-with') === 'XMLHttpRequest') return 'json';
  return 'html';

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